About CRNC

Mission Statement

“Residents, Businesses, Educators, Police and Service Providers of Area 1, working together to develop and promote awareness and understanding of the needs and concerns of the community, and networking to address and resolve these issues.”


CRNC is a resident-led group established in 1992 as a result of complaints and concerns about community issues. Residents and community members felt there was a need for more community involvement in policing issues. Today, CRNC works with residents, businesses, educators, police, fire and local organizations to promote and address the concerns and views of the communities, while aiming to foster community cohesion. CRNC has been involved in:

  • Traffic/bylaw enforcement
  • Visual pollution eliminations
  • Community oriented activities/events (i.e. Summer Celebration)
  • Education
  • Park play
  • Youth recreation

CRNC works within the catchment area of the Rideau Heights and Markers Acres communities. This encompasses the area Railway Street north to Highway 401 and Division St. east to the Cataraqui River.


We encourage anyone who is interested in learning more or becoming more involved in the community to attend our monthly meetings! The meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month (September through June) at the Wally Elmer Centre, and are open to everyone.