Past and Present Projects

Park Play n’ Learn Project

This program was partially funded by the Ministries of Tourism, Culture and Sport. CRNC worked to develop a resources guide and backpacks for park play in the 7 parks within the CRNC area: Snider Park, Sutherland Dr. Park, Starr Reid Park, Neil McArthur Park, Marker Acres Park, Headway Park, and Shannon Park.  


CRNC has also worked in collaboration with Queen’s University and KCHC to develop a resource guide for park play in the 7 parks located within the CRNC area. This guide (available in hardcopy or electronic download) provides parents/guardians/caretakers with young children (ages 0 to 4) with low to no-cost activities that can be done in the parks. The booklet also provides education on the many benefits related to playing in a natural park setting. Access the "Guide to Park Play" here


Park Play n’ Learn Backpacks 

The backpacks include themed activities for children and youth that focus on park play, environmental education, and active living. Currently, CRNC is working to develop guides to be used with the backpacks, as well as a system to allow individuals to access these packs for their own park play. Check back soon for more information on how you can access a park play pack!

Backpack Contents:
  • Plush Bird with bird sound
  • Binoculars
  • Bird Caller
  • Bird Watching Guide
  • Bird, Pond and Bug Bingo Games
  • Information sheets of species found in Southern Ontario (Turtles, Snakes, Salamanders and Newts, Amphibians, Marsh "Monsters", Bugs and Slugs)
  • Mesh Net
  • Specimen Container
  • Bug "Catcher"
  • Magnifying Boxes
  • Figurines depicting the life cycle of a frog and a butterfly 


Take a look at the slideshow below to see images of the backpack contents. 


Parks Play N' Learn Backpacks from CRNC Kingston on Vimeo.