Junior CRNC

Junior CRNC is an opportunity for younger students to get involved. Twelve students (from Grades 5-8, attending Holy Family Catholic School, J.G. Simcoe Public School and Rideau Heights Public School), school staff representatives, and representatives from CRNC meet over the school year to talk about what is happening in the community. Just like CRNC, Junior CRNC focuses on bringing the youth in the community together.


The group also holds community activities to encourage youth in the communities to come together. In the past, Junior CRNC has invited the community to participate in Family Skating Parties, Spring Dances, and each year (in collaboration with the Special Events Committee at KCHC) the group holds a Summer Celebration – a free bbq and activities event in Shannon Park.


Summer Celebration 2016

This Wednesday July 6, 2016 Jr. CRNC,  along with KCHC and the Special Events Committee, hosted their 6th Summer Celebration at Shannon Park. The event was a huge success! Highlights included the bouncy castle, Donovan the police horse, the slack line, wagon ride, crafts, free food and swag plus much more! Thanks to all the community members who supported and contributed to the event. Check out the photos below: 


Holiday Social 2014

On December 15th, 2014, Jr. CRNC held a holiday social at KCHC. There was music, pizza, and a candy/sundae bar. Thanks to all the Jr. CRNC members, their friends, and the Jr. CRNC adults for making the 2014 social so fun! Check out the photos below: